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The meeting was held via Zoom teleconference April 29, 2021. Needham hosted the meeting.


Members present were Averill, Vice Chair Miller, Secretary Needham, and Treasurer Dawson.


Miller called the meeting to order at 1004 hours. Needham moved to suspend the regular order of the meeting, because of a need to fill Averill’s expired term. Miller seconded. Motion carried. Needham explained that Averill’s term had expired. There had not been an election since 2019. Needham moved to appoint Averill to fill his position as Chair, term to end July 1, 2025. Dawson seconded. Motion passed with Averill abstaining.


At approximately 1015, Chair Averill assumed control of the meeting. There was further election business that required action. Because there had been no elections since 2019, Needham’s term was up for election this year. Needham did not submit his name for nomination due to a mistaken belief that Miller’s position was the one up for election. Needham moved to be allowed to submit his name to run for re-election at this meeting. Averill seconded. After a short discussion, a vote was taken, with Needham abstaining. Motion carried. Needham and two others will be in this year’s election for position #2 on the Board.


Averill returned the meeting to the regular order of business.


The minutes from the June 26, 2017 meeting were reviewed. There were no corrections noted.  Averill moved to accept the minutes as submitted seconded by Miller. Motion carried.


The request for this meeting was sudden, so Dawson was not able to prepare a printed Treasurer report.


Dawson listed the funds available by account:


          Benefit Fund-$108,044.23

          Expense Fund-$150,577.75

          Checking account- $5203.00


Dawson advised that she will transfer some funds from the Expense account to the checking account to cover upcoming expenses.

General discussion. Averill asked if Dawson might need any software for her to perform as Treasurer. Dawson advised that currently, her software is appropriate for doing the work of Treasurer.



Election result. Needham ran unopposed. Johnson moved to cast a unanimous ballet for Needham to retain his position. Miller seconded. Motion passed.


Needham moved to cast a unanimous ballet to retain all members in their current positions. Miller seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Averill asked for input on a date for the next Board meeting. The next meeting is tentatively set for 1030 hours, October 2, 2017. Johnson suggested that the Board consider meeting at Sedro Wooley FD, as they are staunch supporters of the Fund. The Board was interested in doing this.


There were no other items submitted.

Averill adjourned the meeting at 1200 hours.

Prepared by,

Tom Needham, Secretary                                                          Spouse and Orphan’s Fund

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