The meeting was held on June 26, 2017 at Winlock Fire Department, Lewis 15, located at Kerron Street, Winlock, WA.

Members present were Chair Averill, Vice Chair Miller, Secretary Needham, and Treasurer Johnson. Guest was Charlene (Charlie) Dawson, incoming treasurer.


Chair Averill called the meeting to order at 1113 hours. The minutes from the September 14, 2016 meeting were reviewed. There were no corrections noted. Miller moved to accept the minutes as submitted. Johnson seconded. Motion carried.


Charlie Dawson was introduced to the Board by Johnson. She has agreed to become Treasurer. Johnson provided the Board with some of her background. She is currently a member of Camas/Washougal Fire Department as a FF/EMT.


She has been a member of several other EMS organizations as well.

Johnson recommended that the Board approve her as the new Treasurer. Then, Johnson will mentor her on the duties and tasks of the Treasurer. He also advised the Board to decide if Dawson should become a Board member and Johnson resign his position on a date to be determined later.

Needham recommended that the Board appoint Dawson as Treasurer as of January 1, 2018. During the time from this date to January 1, 2018, Johnson will educate and mentor Dawson.

Johnson will retain his current position on the Board as Treasurer while working with Dawson. Johnson will determine a date and retire from the Board on a date to be determined later.

Johnson began his review of the Treasurer Report. Cathlamet continues to be a problem with paying their dues in a timely manner.

Johnson noted that the number of death has been consistent each year. So far in 2016, there have been 16 deaths.

One member of the Fund will be turning 100 years old soon. When he does, he will no longer need to pay his annual assessment.

Johnson also reviewed the 2016 annual report with the Board. Averill moved to accept the Treasurer report as submitted. A copy of this report is attached to these minutes. Miller seconded. Motion passed. In addition, copies of the current year to date Treasurer reports are also attached.

Johnson reviewed a death benefit for a Puyallup volunteer firefighter. Puyallup is no longer a standalone fire department, but is now included in Central Pierce. Johnson brought the death benefit paperwork to be signed by the Board. Averill and Miller signed the paperwork, representing Puyallup FD.


Two death benefits were issued for Omak Fire Department. Later, it was discovered that the two FF had not died. Omak had just inquired if they were members of the Fund. This was a simple misunderstanding about the status of the two firefighters. The two checks were returned to Johnson for processing.

General discussion. Averill asked if Dawson might need any software for her to perform as Treasurer. Dawson advised that currently, her software is appropriate for doing the work of Treasurer.



Election result. Needham ran unopposed. Johnson moved to cast a unanimous ballet for Needham to retain his position. Miller seconded. Motion passed.


Needham moved to cast a unanimous ballet to retain all members in their current positions. Miller seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Averill asked for input on a date for the next Board meeting. The next meeting is tentatively set for 1030 hours, October 2, 2017. Johnson suggested that the Board consider meeting at Sedro Wooley FD, as they are staunch supporters of the Fund. The Board was interested in doing this.


There were no other items submitted.

Averill adjourned the meeting at 1200 hours.

Prepared by,

Tom Needham, Secretary                                                          Spouse and Orphan’s Fund